Procrastination Station

Procrastination_by_diablo2097I have always noticed that I tend to put things off until it is absolutely necessary that I complete them. This has proven, multiple occasions, to be less than productive. Some people work well under the stress of needing to get something done. I however, freak out, have a slight panic attack, realize why I didn’t do the task at hand earlier, then get upset with myself. Hmmm… sounds great?! Not exactly. When I think about all the pointless tasks that I was doing rather than what I needed to be doing, I only get frustrated with the way I am spending my time. So much of my life seems to be wasted sitting in front of a meaningless TV show or clicking through pictures of people who I don’t even know on Facebook. Ugh! What a waste. I have highly considered deleting my page and taking the TV out of my house, but somehow I can’t ever seem to get myself to do so. There is such a love-hate relationship. Ok.. enough about me. Let’s talk about procrastination. Can you imagine how much more would be accomplished if procrastination was not a part of our lives. We would get done exactly what we need to, when we need to, and with much more time to complete more things we need to! Whew!
Alright… so here are some strategies to beat being a procrastination station!

Get Specific:
Rather than making general plans for a long time period, make specific goals for shorter time periods. A specific plan gives you measurable goals to work toward and several opportunities to evaluate your progress and adjust your plans. You may not be able to get everything done (your laundry is still piled in heaps on the floor and you need to finish the next chapter by Monday), but you have made good progress toward completing what you need to have done.

Set Priorities:
It is important to get the most important things done… and get them done first.

Break Down the Task Into Manageable Amounts:
You don’t have to complete the whole task at once, you can take separate small measures to complete the whole thing. This will make things seem like less of a stress.

Use a Time Scheduale:
Set specific times each day/week when you can work on projects and when you can take time out for yourself. This will hopefully prevent you from mindlessly sitting on Facebook for a ridiculous 4 hours at a time.

Just Get Started!!!
Ok! Enough reading my blog and get going on what you need to get done in your life…. then come back to mine 🙂


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